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The Arts Serve as a Powerful Connector for People with Disabilities

May 28, 2015 / Tom Katzenmeyer / Uncategorized / Visual Arts

I spend a lot of time talking about the economic impact the arts have on our community. Economic impact is important, but it shouldn’t over shadow some of the other ways in which the arts have a transformative effect on people’s…

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Give Big Columbus, Give Big

May 11, 2015 / All Posts / Tom Katzenmeyer

Here is my challenge to all of my friends, family, acquaintances and even complete strangers: GIVE BIG. Tomorrow at 10 a.m. join me and make a donation via The Big Give before 10 a.m. Wednesday, May 13. Why? Because there…

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That Moment When Art Upends Conviction

April 30, 2015 / All Posts / Performance / Tom Katzenmeyer / Visual Arts

Art can take you to unexpected places. A few weeks ago it took me to the Marion Correctional Institution (MCI) where I was invited to attend a TEDx event called Art & Conviction. For two hours I listened to presentations,…

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Public Art: The Soul of a City

April 7, 2015 / All Posts / News / Tom Katzenmeyer

I’ve been thinking a lot about public art lately—how it makes me feel, how it improves our community, and the enormous impact it has on our city’s identity. From towering letters that literally spell ART, to the Aminah Robinson mural…

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Columbus Gets Greater with Innovation

February 12, 2015 / All Posts / News / Tom Katzenmeyer

Columbus truly has it all – a bustling arts scene, successful businesses and a strong sense of community. The spirit of innovation is alive as well in Columbus.  And the media—nationally and locally—is taking notice. Our beautiful city was ranked…

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Columbus Gets Greater at JA BizTown

December 12, 2014 / All Posts / News / Tom Katzenmeyer / Uncategorized

Just like any other “downtown,” JA BizTown was a hive of activity when the Arts Council staff volunteered on December 3.  Well prepared for their jobs, more than 100 confident 5th graders from Cedarwood Alternative Elementary jumped off their school…

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Columbus Gets Greater in Franklinton

November 18, 2014 / All Posts / News / Tom Katzenmeyer

Columbus’s efforts to invigorate our city through the arts has caught the nation’s eye. In October, The Atlantic published two articles in its American Futures series commending the growth and revitalization of our own Franklinton neighborhood. In particular, The Atlantic journalist…

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