#ArtUnitesCbus: For Businesses


The Greater Columbus Arts Council (Arts Council) and CAPA launched the #ArtUnitesCbus initiative to encourage businesses to hire local artists to create art on the boarded up windows of their buildings.

The Arts Council is providing this #ArtUnitesCbus toolkit to you with resources, guidance and a database of mural/street artists. As always, the Arts Council advocates for compensation to all artists for any work completed.

To request access to our database of artists with personal contact information please email ArtUnitesCbus@gcac.org.


Small Businesses/Nonprofits – Apply For Funding Assistance:

Reaching Muralists, Street Artists, and Large Format Artists

  • To request access to our database of artists with personal contact information please email ArtUnitesCbus@gcac.org.
  • The database list is updated in real time, so names will be added as artists submit their interest.
  • GCAC has not vetted any artists on this list; we recommend looking at past work to determine if the artists is a good fit for you.
  • Click on the links to the artist’s website, Facebook or Instagram page to get a sense of their style.

Contracts and Payment

  • In the toolkit above is a template of an artist agreement – it is recommended that you customize your contract to fit your business and legal needs. There are many additional examples online.
  • GCAC will not be involved in contract negotiations or communications between artists and businesses.
  • We suggest paying artists at least $250 per panel (inclusive of materials), however, the accepted fee is up to you and the artist. Some artists may request higher payment or a stipend for supplies.
  • GCAC advocates that all artists be paid – please do not ask an artist to donate their time and talent.
  • Make sure you ask the artist how they’d like to be paid (cash, check, Venmo, Paypal, etc) and be prepared to pay the day the work is completed.

Working with Artists

  • Be patient when you contact the artist and have a back-up; many artists are receiving requests right now (and some are currently painting other murals during the day!).
  • Remember that these are temporary art pieces and keep your expectations realistic.
  • We recommend letting the artist have full control of their design, with a small amount of input or a phase from the business owner.
    • A good example of suggestions that are reasonable:
      • “We’d love if the mural had the theme of unity, peace, or community”
      • “Feel free to include the phrase Black Lives Matter”
      • “Could you use some yellow and blue in the painting? These are our brand colors.” (Consider providing the paint, if specific colors  are important to you.)
    • It is standard for public art that there be no nudity, profanity, or depictions of drug use, but you can add this to your request to the artist, if you are concerned about content.
    • If you would like the artist to do a sketch before starting, please offer to compensate the artist for each sketch or revision they do for you ($25-50).
    • If you would like a fully branded or design of your choice, the artist may ask for more than $250 per panel in payment. Again, we recommend trusting the artist and giving them more control of the work they create.

We wish you the best of luck and hope we are able to cover Columbus with local artwork. Make sure to use the hastag #ArtUnitesCbus to be part of the movement!