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Weekend Warriors: How to Pack Your Weekend to the Max

October 7, 2015 / All Posts / / Fashion / Film / Music / Performance / Visual Arts

By Lacey Luce Do you ever have a friend look you right in the eye and whine that there’s nothing to do? If you do, please send that poor soul this blog. I’ve plotted out an entire weekend with 10…

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Honoring a Columbus Legacy

September 22, 2015 / All Posts / Tom Katzenmeyer / Uncategorized

On Oct. 1 I will have the pleasure of attending the King Arts Complex Legends & Legacies event, which this year will honor Mayor Michael B. Coleman. I cannot think of a more fitting leader to receive this recognition. With…

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Weekend Warriors: Epic Weekend Ahead

September 16, 2015 / All Posts / / Music / Performance / Visual Arts

By Lacey Luce It may not be technically fall, but the fall season is kicking in and it’s kind of a big deal. Let’s start at the opera. I have never been to the opera and if I’m being totally…

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Thoughts on Volunteering and Random Acts of Kindness

September 9, 2015 / All Posts / Tom Katzenmeyer

Volunteering is a symbiotic endeavor in that in impacts the volunteer as much as it impacts the organization, individual and/or community receiving the volunteer’s time and dedication. Every time I see a business provide a paid day for its employees…

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It’s a Brave New World for the Arts in Columbus

August 20, 2015 / All Posts / Tom Katzenmeyer / Uncategorized

I’ve been thinking a lot about the symbiotic nature of arts, commerce and government. Words like ecosystem, narrative, and collaboration have been floating around like little thought bubbles above my head. I wish I could say these thoughts are original…

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Weekend Warriors: Seven Ways to Chill Out This Weekend

August 19, 2015 / All Posts / / Fashion / Film / Music / Performance

By Lacey Luce Honestly, I’m not feeling very weekend warrior-y. I have friends who can have their whole weekend (baby Friday included) packed with awesome plans, and they thrive on that. Me?  I occasionally need to go into hermit mode…

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Weekend Warriors: Going Family Friendly

August 5, 2015 / All Posts / / Film / Music / Performance / Visual Arts

By Lacey Luce I have a family reunion this weekend, and there will be a lot of wee ones there. I am not known as a “kid person.” Don’t get me wrong, while I may not want kids of my…

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Pelotonia: A Ride Where Everybody Wins

July 31, 2015 / All Posts / Tom Katzenmeyer

Next weekend I’ll be biking 100 miles as part of the Team ColumbUS Peloton, and a fair question to ask is why? Certainly it’s a great cause. Raising money to find a cure for cancer, supporting those who are currently…

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Weekend Warriors: Out and About on a Budget

July 29, 2015 / All Posts / / Crafts / Film / Music / Performance / Uncategorized / Visual Arts

I’m broke. I pretty much lived July as if every day were “treat yo’ self day” and now I’m looking at a very sad bank balance. My guess is most people know how this feels once in a while (unless…

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Weekend Warriors: Making the Most of Summer

July 22, 2015 / All Posts / / Film / Music / Visual Arts

By Lacey Luce Hello my name is Lacey and I am a U2 fan. After Apple’s big forced-download fiasco, hating U2 seems to be then next hip thing. I, however, am no fair-weather fan. I loved them on the Joshua…

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