Marshall Shorts and Corey Favor Remarks

Marshall Shorts and Corey Favor, Recipients of the Emerging Arts Leader Award at the Greater Columbus Arts Council’s 2017 Community Arts Partnership Awards

Corey Favor:I mentioned to my wife a few months ago that in 2018 I will have been a Columbus resident for 20 yrs. Now Being a New York City native that sounds so crazy for me to say. Who would have thought? 

Columbus is the place that developed me into the man I am today, and I am forever in debt to this community. CCAD is where I honed my craft as a graphic designer and met my brother Marshall Shorts. Main and Grant was the location of my first business. And OSU is where I met my beautiful wife Shayla. 

Columbus is where I built friends, family, and community. I am humbled that Creative Control Fest is apart of the same community that has given so much to me. 

Thank you to Columbus College of Art and Design and Greater Columbus Arts Council for this recognition, to the whole Creative Control Fest team I love you all. 

I move forward, humbled by my beginnings and excited about the future. 

Thank you.”