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Weekend Warriors: Five Ways to Enjoy the Art of the Story

in 2 min read

By Lacey Luce

As a rabid reader and dabbler in the writing arts, I never tire of hearing author’s talk about their work and their process. So it’s no wonder that I’m geeked up about Thurber House’s Evenings with Authors’ event with Gregory Maguire on Thursday. I am absolutely fascinated by the way he constructs a completely unique and layered story from the foundation of a well-known piece of folklore or children’s literature. I read Wicked ages ago and was completely blown away by it. I only wish that his current novel After Alice had come out a few weeks ago, I’d love to have the book finished before hearing Mr. Maguire’s talk.

Sadly, on the same night (Oct. 29) Columbus State Community College is hosting another amazing author, Wil Haygood. Why must all the things I want to go to happen at the same time?! (Yes, I know it’s not all about ME. I do understand that having so many choices on any given night is a GOOD thing.)

While we are on the subject of extraordinary storytelling, you need to know about a fantastic film event at the Wexner Center of the Arts: Picture Lock. Happening over the course of four days, Picture Lock, includes a series of films that have been created by Wexner Center alumni (for lack of a better word). These filmmakers have,over the last 25 years,  been invited to the Wex to develop their work as part of a residency program. Now they are returning to screen work and to discuss their ongoing relationship with the program.

Here’s another thing to get excited about: BalletMet’s Dracula opens Friday! I remember seeing this the first year they did it and it was one of those performances that just stayed with me. I will never forget how swept up I got in the whole production—they left me wanting more. This year will see some new cast members and they’ve been posting photos on twitter of a new cape in the works—even Dracula needs a little wardrobe therapy.

Another seasonal treat opening this weekend is Columbus Children’s Theatre’s Legend of Sleepy Hollow. The show is a humorous take on the classic ghost story and it’s performed by puppets (the Muppet looking ones, not the creepy ones), and they encourage the audience to come in costume. If you have wee ones this might be a perfect addition to your Halloween plans.


There are Monsters Under Your Bed at Clayspace/Gallery 831 closes Oct. 30.

Adrift: Jeremy Sorrell at Rivet Gallery closes Oct. 31.

Columbus Convergence at Studios on High Gallery  closes Oct. 31

Short North Stage’s production of A Little Night Music runs until Nov. 1.

MJ Bole, White Elephant (1860 – ) at Columbus College of Art & Design closes Nov. 5.

Lacey Luce is a marketing, communications and events strategist for the Greater Columbus Arts Council who is looking forward to diving into Gregory Maguire’s After Alice.