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Weekend Warriors: Happy October!

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By Lacey Luce

There is so much going on I don’t even know where to start. Oh, wait, yeah I do: Cartoon Crossroads Columbus (CXC). For those who aren’t aware, this is kind of a big deal.

Not only can this festival easily fill up your weekend with its lineup of events, but the creators participating are among the most respected in the industry.

This is not comic-con (with respect). Actually if you want a good description of what this IS you should read the recent articles in Forbes and Paste. Here’s what I walked away with—this is the festival for people who really love comics and who value the art of storytelling. It’s for the die-hards, but it’s also for people like me, the dabblers who want to learn and read more. It’s for (and about) the creators and for the fans—and there’s A LOT to see and enjoy.

One of the more high-profile events is cartoonist Art Spiegelman (Maus) and art director/editor Francoise Mouly (TOON Books/The New Yorker) in conversation with their close friend Jeff Smith (Bone, RASL, Tuki). Personally, I’m curious about the expo at the Cultural Arts Center. While I’m eager to find all the great things I’ve never heard of but can’t live without, I also have a very particular purchase in my sights. Smith’s RASL has been on my want-to-read list since I first heard about it when he visited Columbus College of Art & Design a while back. I’m hoping I have the chance to buy it and get it signed at the expo—that would make my little geek heart sing.

Oh, but there’s more. Tis the season for season premiers, and that’s as true for live performances as it is for televised ones. BalletMet is opening its season with Breaking Ballet. They’ve been posting little sneak peek videos on their Instagram account, and hey it worked, I’m hooked. The thing that stands out for me about this production is that the music ranges from Tchaikovsky to Cyndi Lauper. Totally intrigued.

The Columbus Symphony opens its Masterwork season with Carmina Burana, a choral spectacular that celebrates the basic joys in life: food, wine & love. Of course, I’m totally on board with that.

On the topic of music, the new and spectacular venue Notes has Mojo Flo. Notes is such a fresh and welcome addition to the Columbus music scene.

To wrap up, once again, it’s time for Gallery Hop. But this one is special because OCTOBER. It’s my favorite month. I would much rather be outdoors in fall than any other time of year. If you head down to the Short North keep your eye out for the new mural series they recently installed. I’ve been seeing great shots via #artmakescbus on Instagram. You should also keep your eye out for street performers via the Greater Columbus Arts Council’s street performer program. Weather permitting you might catch some impromptu numbers from the fabulous dancers at BalletMet.

You might also want to hit up US IS THEM at the Pizzuti collection—or better yet go there Thursday for an artist talk with Titus Kaphar. Whatever you do, this is one of those exhibitions that you will regret not seeing, so if you don’t make it this weekend, put it on your short list of things to do this year.

What would Gallery Hop be without hopping into some galleries—here are a few points of interest.

Brandt Roberts Galleries is celebrating their five-year anniversary. Studios on High has a new exhibition opening Thursday, and Sherrie Galleries is opening a new show on Friday, as does Hammond Harkins Gallery, who will be opening in their new Short North location with an exhibition of work by Laura Alexander and Andrea Myers (opening reception is Friday and then of course there is Gallery Hop).

Happy October everyone! I know I’ll be out having fun, I hope to see what y’all get up to via #artmakescbus.

Lacey Luce is a marketing, communication and events strategist who loves storytelling and October, which means this is a great weekend for her.