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This month’s profile features Highball designer Bryston Walters. Walters is a creator and drag enthusiast living in Columbus, Ohio. He is a recent graduate of Columbus College of Art and Design and is the  founder of a self-labeled luggage and handbag company, Bryston Walters

cropped2-171x272Greater Columbus Arts Council: Are you from Columbus?  Where did you grow up?

Bryston Walters:  I have lived in Columbus my entire life, and absolutely love this city! I’ve been granted so many opportunities that I feel would’ve been impossible elsewhere.

GCAC: How did you get involved with HighBall?  Tell us about your experience so far in preparing for the event and how your designs will be featured.

BW: I originally got involved with Highball several years ago after seeing a flyer posted in the hallways of CCAD. This now will be the 3rd year that I am showing my designs at Highball, and I couldn’t be anymore excited! This year I am pulling out all of the tricks, and I’m ready to put on one amazing show!

GCAC: When did you know that you wanted to be a fashion designer?

BW: I guess it had always been a thought in my mind. I have always been surrounded by creativity and the arts from a very young age. Some of my earliest memories are of helping my mother at the craft business that she was running in our hometown. Designing, sewing, and creating is all that I ever want to do.

GCAC: Tell us about one of your favorite projects.

BW: My favorite project so far has to be my Senior Collection that I just showed at the annual CCAD student fashion show. That particular collection meant so much to me for a multitude of reasons. Mainly, the entire concept, ‘Deteriorating Fantasy,’ is an idea that I feel everyone can relate to – the idea of abandoning your childhood fantasies and having to face and deal with adulthood.

GCAC: What inspires you most when creating your designs?  Who are your favorite designers?

BW: I find inspiration in a multitude of places. I feel that one should always be open to find something inspiring in the most random of places and/or moments. I have many designers that I love, Charles James, vintage Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen, and Karl Lagerfeld to name a few.

Group-with-logo-300x281GCAC: Columbus has a reputation as one of the top cities in the nation for fashion designers.  Do you see yourself staying here to work now that you have graduated?

BW: Columbus is such an amazing community, and I feel like I would be making a huge mistake by not allowing myself to benefit from it. Being ranked the 3rd largest city for fashion in the US, and recently being named #1 for Opportunity Cities by Forbes, I’m pretty positive that Columbus is the place for me right now.

GCAC: Columbus is also known for its outrageously fun and creative drag queen community.  How did you get involved and what’s it like being a part of it? 

BW: I became a part of the drag scene about 5 years ago as a dare from some friends, but after that first show I was hooked. The amount of creativity, dedication, energy, and love that surrounds the drag community is astounding! It quickly became an amazing outlet for me to be creative and have a great time with all of my new friends and family!

GCAC: How/where can people interested in your designs or performances find out more?  What’s next for you?

BW: Since graduation I have been working on creating my own self-labeled luggage and handbag company, Bryston Walters, and am still creating commissioned garments when requested. Everyone can stay up to date with my shows, events, and creations on my Facebook page: or by checking out my

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