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In the News: These Female Photographers Are Telling Women’s Stories From Across The Globe

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Eleven photojournalists in National Geographic’s “Women of Vision” are tackling stories often overlooked with fantastic results.

The exhibition, conceived by Katheryn Keane, National Geographic’s vice president of exhibition, features fearless female artists who have ventured into extreme settings to record the lives of women across the globe. They focus carefully on the issues that matter to those women, “whether it’s maternal mortality or sexual assault or child brides,” says Elizabeth Krist, senior photo editor at National Geographic and curator of the exhibit. “And so I do feel that it’s important to keep the numbers up of women who are actually going out in the field and covering these kinds of issues.”

Photojournalist Stephanie Sinclair, whose work is featured in “Women of Vision,” agrees. “The worst day is not when my safety is at risk; it’s when I can’t get the pictures I want,” she said. “You have a chance to get voices heard, so every day counts.”

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A lieutenant in Yemen’s elite female counterterrorism unit patrols the women’s barracks. Photo by Stephanie Sinclair.