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Weekend Warriors: Too Many Epic Events, Not Enough Weekend

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By Lacey Luce

So there are two high-profile things going on this weekend: the re-opening of the new Columbus Museum of Art and HighBall.

Let’s talk museum first, because this grand reopening is the “ta-da” on a pretty epic adventure. The renovation and expansion of the Columbus Museum of Art has been 10 years in the making and this weekend we finally get to celebrate. While the museum has numerous events scheduled, the grand community event is Sunday and they will be launching new exhibitions as well as opening the new Margaret M. Walter Wing.

A few fun facts:

  • Approximately 375 works will be on display throughout the museum (not including the two new exhibitions, Keeping Pace and Imperfections by Chance)
  • 33 new additions to the Museum’s collection will make their CMA.
  • The oldest works on display will be a collection of ancient glass on loan from the Israeli Antiquities Authority.

The other big event this weekend is HighBall, which will take over two nights and several city blocks.

Friday night they are doing a Michael Jackson tribute, and you just can’t beat it! (see what I did there? Ok, sorry I just couldn’t help myself). Saturday is going to be all about the costume/fashion.

HighBall will be epic, I only wish they had done it on actual Halloween.  I’ll be missing HighBall to do something even better, celebrate my friends’ nuptials.  So I’ll miss the spectacle, but I hope I can rely on you good people to share tons of photos via #artmakescbus.

So file this under “when it rains it pours.” Also this weekend:

Well that should keep you all busy. I can’t wait to see all of the amazing costumes that get concocted for HighBall!

Lacey Luce is a marketing, communications and events strategist for the Greater Columbus Arts Council who was voted most likely to duck during a bouquet toss.