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Weekend Warriors: Twitter-Worthy Events

in 2 min read

By Lacey Luce

I don’t know about you but last weekend my personal Twitter and Instagram feeds were full of photos from the Rolling Stones, Off the Grid, and the Remnants opening.

I was at the Remnants opening and have to say GO! It’s like walking through Willy Wonka’s factory, where at every turn you see something even more delicious than what you saw before.  Cbus women ROCK.

So what will blow up my Twitter feed this weekend?

Well, I for one am super excited about the start of the CAPA Summer Movie Series. There is something magical about seeing movies in the Ohio Theatre—especially when they are old movies with Cary Grant. I love me some Cary Grant.

So, you can imagine my glee when I saw that this year’s series opens (June 5-7) with Hitchcock’s Notorious staring Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman. Can’t wait.

Another summer exclusive that I look forward to are the Actors’ Theatre Columbus productions at Schiller park. There is nothing better than having a picnic in a park while watching a play on a warm summer evening.

They opened Captain Blood on May 21 and it runs through June 21, so weather permitting this might be the perfect weekend outing. Even better, this year ATC launched a new reservation program – reserve a comfy chair or awesome 50”x60” blanket that you get to keep! I’ll take a chair please.

Knowing my friends I’m willing to bet I see some Barenaked Ladies/Violent Femmes photos when they play the LC on Friday. I like the Barenaked Ladies, but the Femmes will always hold a special place in my heart—it’s the music of my coming of age. Sorry, TMI.

Several years ago I might have posted a photo from one of the Riffe Gallery’s family days. I once had the privilege of working there and those events were always fun.  Kids getting creative is kind of low hanging fruit on the fun meter.  What I loved was how in to it the parents would get. The Riffe has a family day coming up this Sunday with artist Helma Groot.  If you don’t have kids, borrow someone else’s (but, um, ask first, okay?).

Look there’s about 100 other things to do in this city this weekend, but I have an arts festival to prepare for so I need to wrap this up. But, hey, if you are having fun, then  the event you are at is twitter-worthy so do me a favor and blow up my twitter feed with your fun weekend by tagging #ArtMakesCbus.

Now go play.

Above image is from the production of Captain Blood and courtesy of Actors’ Theatre Columbus.

Lacey Luce is the marketing, communications and events strategist for the Greater Columbus Arts Council. She can be found as @laceyluce on Twitter and Instagram but has sorely neglected those accounts in favor of @ArtMakesCbus.