Board Of Trustees

The Greater Columbus Arts Council is governed by a board of up to 29 trustees. In the past 40 years, more than 170 community members have served in this capacity. All were chosen for their visibility in the community, their experience with cultural and civic organizations and their representation of the diversity of our community. The board’s eight standing committees directly involve our trustees in all of the Arts Council’s programs. By following an aggressive system of rotation, the Arts Council encourages new trustees to lend their experience to as many areas as possible. Trustees are challenged to mentor a board that will embrace new input while maintaining a consistent and focused vision. The sustained dedication of our trustees encourages staff, volunteers and constituent organizations to strive for excellence and to give every person in the community a chance to experience and appreciate the arts.

Michael Bongiorno,

David Teed,

Christie Angel,

Barbara Brandt

Cheryl Brooks-Sullivan

Jessica Burton

Mark Cain

Shannon Crane

Alex Frommeyer

Lea Goldsmith

Michael Gonsiorowski

Dave Hetzler

Christine Kullberg

Catherine Lang-Cline

Celeste Malvar-Stewart

Jim Negron

Eileen Paley

Kimber Perfect

Shyam Rajadhyaksha

Emmanuel Remy

Karla Rothan

Matthew Satterwhite

Jon Sherman

Marshall Shorts

Jayme Staley

Julie Taggart

Yohannan Terrell

Amy Tillinghast

Sarah Townes

Priscilla Tyson