#ArtUnitesCbus: For Artists


Thank you for your interest in the #ArtUnitesCbus initiative!

The Greater Columbus Arts Council (Arts Council) and CAPA launched the #ArtUnitesCbus initiative encouraging businesses to hire local artists to create art on the boarded up windows of their buildings.

Please complete the form linked below if you are interested in being considered by a business who wants to participate in the #ArtUnitesCbus project.

Artist Interest Form

The Arts Council will maintain this list for the duration of the #ArtUnitesCbus campaign and will provide it to any business seeking to partner with a local artist (or artists) for the purposes described above.

If you are an artist who has created a mural and are interested in your work appearing on the Art Unites Cbus website please complete the Image Use Permission Form. Thank you!

PLEASE NOTE: The Arts Council is NOT selecting the artists or managing contracts for businesses. It is up to each business to reach out to the artists on the list and make arrangements for the work to be completed. All fee/commission negotiations, contracts, and other business matters shall be negotiated between individual artists and businesses without the involvement of the Greater Columbus Arts Council. The Arts Council is only serving as a referral organization and will not represent either party in these agreements. We recommend that all artists seek payment for their services