#ArtUnitesCbus – Public Art



#ArtUnitesCbus, a Black Lives Matter public art initiative

On June 1, 2020 the Arts Council and CAPA partnered to launch #ArtUnitesCbus, an initiative to employ Columbus-based visual artists to paint murals on the plywood installed over broken windows throughout Columbus. This initiative is to help bring artwork to our streets in response to the Black Lives Matters protests, spark conversation and use art as a voice for the community.

The community response was overwhelmingly positive and by the end of July nearly 200 murals had been created around the city. You can explore the artwork, see quotes from artists and see a map of mural locations by visiting the Art Unites Cbus Microsite.

The Art Council is committed to documenting, storing and preserving these temporary murals and working with the community on future exhibition, installation and education opportunities related these murals and other Black Lives Matter public art. Our goal is to convene a group of stakeholders, artists and community leaders to determine a plan for exhibition that is free, outdoors and accessible to all.

This Art Unites Cbus effort is made possible by the generous support of:


The Arts Council remains committed to continuing this effort, expanding its reach and marking the milestones in our community’s fight for equity and social justice. We are listening. Please email us at artunitescbus@gcac.org with ideas for future public art supporting the Black Lives Matter movement.

“#ArtUnitesCbus is just one small way the arts community is trying to help. These murals are not the answer, simply a message that we ALL can, and must, help heal our community,” said Tom Katzenmeyer, President & CEO of the Arts Council.

The exhibition(s) are planned for 2021, however we can’t support this effort without you. Funds are still needed for preservation and documentation and eventual exhibition. If you would like to help support this effort please visit our Make a Gift page and select “ArtUnitesCbus” to make your donation.


Learn more and add your name to our database for businesses.


Learn more and request access to our contact database of artists.

PLEASE NOTE: It is up to each business to reach out to the artists on the list and make arrangements for the work to be completed. All fee/commission negotiations, contracts, and other business matters shall be negotiated between individual artists and businesses without the involvement of the Greater Columbus Arts Council. The Arts Council is only serving as a referral organization and will not represent either party in these agreements. As always, we recommend that all artists seek payment for their services.