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Community and Local Artists Work Together to Put ART on the Map

in Press Releases July 21, 2017 3 min read

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Sign Your Art, a community visual arts project that includes art from 64 professional Columbus artists and 256 Columbus Arts Festival patrons, is now visible throughout the city and on a Google map. The tiles will be visible on 64 street signs in various neighborhoods around Columbus. The public will be able to view the installations until August 14.

“Sign Your Art is a way to celebrate Columbus artists and the community by bringing both groups together on an exciting project that encompasses the entire city,” said Jami Goldstein, vice president of marketing, communications and events at the Greater Columbus Arts Council. “We were amazed by how many people participated in this initiative by painting a piece at the Arts Festival, and we love seeing their art displayed around town.”

The large-scale art project is the first of its kind. Conceived by Columbus-based street artist Stephanie Rond and held for the first time at the 2015 Arts Festival, the vision for the project was to involve both professional artists and the Columbus community—who came out to paint more than 700 6-inch by 8-inch rectangular wooden tiles at the Columbus Arts Festival in June. The 2015 edition of Sign Your Art was accepted into the Google Cultural Institute’s Street Art Project; see it on the map here.

In mid-July, Rond and project partner Catherine Bell Smith installed 64 street signs with 256 of the tiles created at the Festival. Each sign includes a professional artist’s piece curated with four community art tiles. The street sign addresses were carefully selected to both spell ART when pinned on a Google map and to extend across as much of the city as possible – reaching out to a wide range of neighborhoods.

The public is encouraged to share photos of the signs they find using #artmakescbus and #streetart on various social media platforms.

While the physical artwork will come down in August, it will live on as an exhibition in the Google Cultural Institute’s Street Art Project, which includes photos of each each curated set and individual tiles.

The art installations can be found at the following addresses:

A (20 pins)
1                      1015 Atlantic Ave.
2                      6101 Busch Blvd.
3                      5794 Sinclair Rd.
4                      601 Chase Rd.
5                      493 E. Kanawha Ave.
6                      328 Fairway Dr.
7                      322 E. Jeffrey Pl.
8                      90 Desantis Dr.
9                      24 E. Cooke Rd.
10                    6093 Northgap Dr.
11                    5700 Sandalwood Blvd.
12                    5514 Sandalwood Blvd.
13                    1616 Penworth Dr.
14                    1700 Red Robin Rd.
15                    1953 Morse Rd.
16                    2016 Fenton St.
17                    2037 Case Rd.
18                    5160 Sinclair Rd.
19                    5044 Kingshill Dr.
20                    1511 Fahlander Dr. S. 

R (31 pins)
21                    3680 Granden Rd.
22                    125 E. North Broadway
23                    19 E. California Ave.
24                    2800 N. High St.
25                    93 W. Tompkins St.
26                    104 W. Northwood Ave.
27                    120 W. Lane Ave.
28                    169 W. 10th Ave.
29                    207 W. 8th Ave.
30                    1299 Forsythe Ave.
31                    961 Neil Ave.
32                    533 Arden Rd.
33                    3563 Beulah Rd.
34                    989 Lenore Ave.
35                    1264 Urana Ave.
36                    1401 Oakland Park Ave.
37                    2909 Dresden St.
38                    1485 Aberdeen Ave.
39                    1428 Republic Ave.
40                    2259 Ontario St.
41                    2185 McGuffey Rd.
42                    MAPFRE Stadium, Lamar Hunt Way #1
43                    458 E. Northwood Ave.
44                    291 E. Northwood Ave.
45                    100 E. Norwich Ave.
46                    525 E. 20th Ave.
47                    695 E. 17th Ave.
48                    873 E. 12th Ave.
49                    1219 Saint Clair Ave.
50                    1100 E. 5th Ave.
51                    1241 Gibbard Ave. 

T (13 pins)
52                    642 W. Broad St.
53                    333 W. Broad St.
54                    66 S. 3rd St.
55                    124 S. Washington Ave.
56                    851 Bryden Rd.
57                    1128 Bryden Rd.
58                    1484 Bryden Rd.
59                    431 E. Livingston Ave.
60                    893 Bruck St.
61                    393 Mithoff St.
62                    409 E. Markison Ave.
63                    343 E. Barthman Ave.
64                    2483 Parsons Ave.

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About the Greater Columbus Arts Council: Through vision and leadership, advocacy and collaboration, the Greater Columbus Arts Council supports art and advances the culture of the region. A catalyst for excellence and innovation, the Arts Council funds exemplary artists and arts organizations and provides programs, events and services of public value that educate and engage all audiences in our community. The Arts Council thanks the City of Columbus and the Ohio Arts Council for their continued support.

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CONTACT: Jami Goldstein
(614) 221-8492