Fellowships & Residencies

The Greater Columbus Arts Council (the Arts Council) established the GCAC/City of Columbus Grants Program in 1973 to offer financial support to the city’s artists and arts organizations. Since 1978, a portion of city revenues from the hotel/motel tax has been designated for support of the Arts Community. In addition to the grants programs, the Arts Council provides several artist fellowship and residency opportunities.


The Visual Arts Fellowship is a partnership between the Greater Columbus Arts Council and the Columbus Museum of Art to recognize outstanding visual artists within the community. Four $10,000 awards will be given in 2021.

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The Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson Residency (Aminah Residency) celebrates the legacy of the late Columbus artist provides a U.S. based African American visual artist a 90-day residency in the Columbus, Ohio home of the late Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson. The Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson Fellowship (Aminah Fellowship) celebrates the legacy of the late Columbus artist by recognizing the exemplary work of a local African American visual artist.

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About Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson

MacArthur Fellow Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson was born in 1940 in Columbus, Ohio and raised in Poindexter Village, then a new federally funded apartment complex. From an early age, she absorbed handed-down stories of her elders about historic Columbus neighborhoods and about the family’s ancestral roots in Africa.  Documenting these stories in her art and journals was her passion and the subject of drawings, sculpture, prints, and mixed media tapestries she called “RagGonNons.”  She created art in order to pass these stories on to future generations in the spirit of Sankofa—the African concept of knowing one’s past in order to go forward.

Robinson’s diverse body of work often incorporates found objects- both natural and machine-made such as twigs, leather, buttons, fabrics, and music boxes. She used “hogmawg,” a sculptural mixture she made from mud, grease, leaves, dyes, and glue in both two- and three-dimensional work. Her work is all about building bridges and making connections between the past and the present, America and Africa, and the physical world and the world of spirits. In Symphonic Poem, a book that accompanied her 2002 retrospective exhibition, a scholar described her work, “… as a reservoir of culture, as the abode of spirits and inspiration for form and meanings that have traversed the great transatlantic African Diaspora to the Americas.” When she died in 2015, Robinson left her estate to the Columbus Museum of Art. The Museum has partnered with The Arts Council to establish the Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson Residency


The Arts Council has partnered with the State of Saxony (Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen) in Germany to facilitate an annual artist exchange since 1994. Columbus hosted three artists from Germany in 1994 and sent its first Columbus artists to Dresden the following year.

We are proud to celebrate this long-standing and continued international partnership!

Click HERE to learn more about the Columbus artists that have participated in this meaningful experience.


The Artists Elevated award recognizes individual artists by investing in their creativity and artistic vision through an unrestricted cash award of $20,000 to two artists in 2021.

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Local filmmakers and screenwriters are invited to submit proposals for films or series taking place/filming in Franklin County. Acceptable proposals include narrative, documentary, experimental, and animation.

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2021 Neighborhood: South Side

The Neighborhood Arts Connection celebrates a specific neighborhood each year by inviting resident artists to create participatory arts experiences for the selected neighborhood. This fellowship is supported by Crane Group. 

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Since the Arts Council’s Individual Artist Fellowship program was established in 1986 to recognize outstanding local artists, hundreds of awards in a variety of disciplines. Programs have included visual arts, crafts, film and video, creative writing, music composition and choreography/movement arts.

In 2020, GCAC had plans to announce the newly redesigned Fellowship programs to celebrate excellence and represent more disciplines. Due to the pandemic, all Fellowship programs are currently on hold. Stay tuned for announcements in 2021.